Mini’s first time: part II

After that arousing goodbye kiss, I still decided to go home instead of following him to his place. For after all, he was still a stranger to me. A really hot stranger with a sexy bad boy vibe. Like Damon Salvatore’s vibe from Vampire Diaries. When I got home, I kept smiling and thinking about it. […]

Mini’s first time: part I.

After the previous post a few hours ago, I felt like maybe I should tell some good stories that have happened last year too. To not make this some kind of depressive blog like I used to do before. And I also can’t sleep, so bedtime story time? I don’t know how blogging works and I […]

Zero life energy

Do you ever feel like you’re done living somewhere you’ve been living your whole life? Well, at this moment, I have that feeling. The feeling that there’s nothing here in Belgium that can make you happy, the feeling that everyone you meet here is poison, the feeling that everything you used to do for fun […]