Our second date. We’re doing this dating game backwards because we’re hipster AF.

I already posted something about my first date with Tinder guy. You know that post where I talked about how I fainted when things got too hot? 😉
Apparently, I haven’t scared him off just yet with my weird behavior and that fainting, so he still wanted to see me.

This time we decided to go to Bruges. From what I’ve learned from the previous hotel experience, is that I should always check Tripadvisor too and watch reviews AND the pictures from the visitors. NOT the professional pictures, because those are pure lies!
Silly me, right? So this time, we’ve booked a hotel that was waaaay cleaner and cheaper too than the previous hotel. And it didn’t smell old. The room was tinier than the previous one, but it was cosy. I like clean rooms over dirty, old smelling rooms.
When I arrived at the room, I heard some jazz music playing and saw Tinder guy laying on the bed. I joined him into the bed and he grabbed me into his arms and my anger and frustrations (yes, I have a lot of anger problems) from the entire day I was having so far started to fade away.
He smells so good! And I know he likes my smell too, because he has been repeating that thousands of times since our first date. But that’s probably because of my perfume and stuff.
Before I go on a date where I know I will get sex, I always do the same routine: scrub myself, wash my hair and my entire body, shave and moisturize my body and then put some perfume on. My scrub and lotion already have a nice scent, so maybe he doesn’t like my real scent and just the scent of the lotion, scrub and perfume.
But anyway, I opened his shirt because I missed his chest hair (yes, really!) and started to lie on top of him so I can lay my head on his hairy chest like I did the previous time when we were in the bath tub. We started to kiss and we undressed each other and he started to finger me with his magical musician hands… So good!
Afterwards, he reached his arm out so I could lie into his arms/shoulder… And I took a nap. On him. Poor guy though: the arm I was laying on, should’ve felt sleepy. But I guess he enjoyed it, otherwise he would’ve done something about it.

When I woke up, I was feeling really hungry and he was too. But we both couldn’t get up and cuddled each other a little longer. “You’re so comfortable, it’s hard to get up”, he said. I agreed on that so I lied there with hem and joked around a bit, grabbing his head kissing it and then knocking on it (he shaved his head bald) to see if it would make a hollow sound. And doing other weird stuff with his bald head, like rubbing on it for good luck. A while later, I finally got the courage to get up, otherwise I would faint again. Of hunger this time. So we decided to get into the city to get some food.
It’s kinda funny that every time we get into the elevator to go outside or go into our room, he gets close to me to try something but I push him away because I get shy. Also because there probably are cameras in the elevator. But on the other hand, those guys monitoring those screens can finally see something interesting  :D. If there’s anybody watching those… But on a crime scene where they look for suspects by watching security camera footage, it would be kinda funny to see a random couple fucking each other in the elevator between all the other boring footage ;D. I can imagine them saying “Wait wait wait! Rewind!”.
But anyway, while we walked our way to a restaurant, he grabbed me into his arms. Like a real couple. Like a man, trying to protect his girl. Every time I was not in his arms and a man walked up our way or was staring at me or I was staring at him, he immediately started to grab me in his arms. So cute! And the way he kisses me on my forehead makes my knees weak.
After a few minutes of walking, we found a pretty restaurant and ate our dinner there and had some small talk. But fun small talk. Nothing forced like on a usual date. It was pleasant. Afterwards we decided to walk back to the hotel and he started to grab my hands. It was really fun passing by other couples hand in hand, don’t know why though. We’ve noticed some tourists staring at a building that seemed touristic (well, they took pictures on it and it had a text on the walls), we both made a comment on that, but I can’t remember what we’ve said anymore. And then suddenly he stopped and caressed my face and he started to kiss me. So romantic! Now I’m being cheesy because of him! WTF are you doing to me bro?!

We got back to the hotel and I gave him an oil massage using the blindfold he bought that was supposed to be used on me :).  After the massage, he took another toy he bought for me out of his bag: my leash! He put my leash on and started to pull me towards him using the leash so he could kiss me and then he grabbed my hair and started to finger me. God, that felt so good! After that, he pushed me on to the bed, grabbed my hips and put me into doggy position and started to push it in me slowly. His penis felt so hard, so big but so good. I started to get wetter and wetter and couldn’t bare it anymore and suddenly, I started to get that feeling that I peed, but it’s not peeing. It felt more pleasant and I’ve noticed my vagina getting wetter and wetter. I collapsed and was no longer in a doggy position, but he was laying on top of me now and he was still taking me. “You’re pussy feels so good, so tight, so wet”, he says with a voice that clearly sounded like he was enjoying it. I started to moan louder and get wetter and wetter and then he came. It was so fucking good!
He kissed me everywhere and took me into his arms again. While we cuddled, we heard a family passing by our room to check into their room, right next to OURS… We could hear young kids too.
And then Tinder guy started to get his weed out. We both smoked it, while there was some chill music playing. Afterwards we were staring into each other’s eyes and we were smiling like fools because we liked what we saw. And then he wanted to return the favor by giving me a massage back. He opened a pack of chocolates that he bought earlier for us and god, it tasted so fucking good! It felt like heaven together with the massage. Or maybe it was the weed doing its thing. Every time he tries to massage me, I giggle when he touches certain parts because it tickles. This time he kissed me on my butt and I starte to giggle again and started laughing too. “So cute”, he says. The massage ended into something sexual again: him fingering me and kissing me. His touches made my body shiver so hard and I felt everything more intensely. Too bad I was really tired and  couldn’t go on for long as he did.
But it was kinda funny to see him high. When we brushed our teeth together he was laughing with all the little things I did and it was so cute. We stood faced towards each other in the backroom and he had that pothead smile on his face but it was so adorable! :p
After I left the bathroom, he followed me and when I stood next to the bed, I looked into the mirror and saw that he was standing behind me with a huge boner. After that, it all happened so fast: he pushed me on to the bed and took me and he kept going on and on and on…. Until I couldn’t take it anymore.
What a night! I was feeling sleepy, so he jumped into the shower alone. After he was done, I saw that he was watching me sleep. In a cute way, not a creepy way. Afterwards he told me that I seemed so at peace and that every time he sees me falling asleep, that it makes him want to take me into his arms and sleep too.

The morning after, we were getting ready to check out the hotel again. But this time no rush, because I didn’t had to be somewhere. And this time, no cleaning ladies disturbing us because this time, Tinder guy put the “Do not disturb” sign on our door. Such a thoughtful guy! 🙂
After we had checked out of the hotel, we were walking hand in hand again towards the bus to the railway station and cuddled in the bus the whole way to the station.
When we arrived, I looked for a train on the yellow info boards. When I looked back to the place where Tinder guy was standing, I saw that he wasn’t there anymore. I thought: “Dammit, that bastard left without saying goodbye and I just found a train that goes to Gand-Saint-Pierres and immediately goes to Brussels (his hometown) afterwards.”
But then I saw him waving at the entrance of a coffee shop, so I went towards him. I saw that he was ordering two waffles and two cappuccinos. And I immediately felt that warm, cute feeling inside me again that always occurs when he’s doing something very sweet. He bought me breakfast! Normally he doesn’t eat breakfast, he told me the day before, and then I told him that I needed to have breakfast in the morning because I’m at my hungriest then. He fucking remembered!
After we got on the train and sat down, we cuddled the whole way again with him giving me forehead kisses. I never wanted that train ride to end because I was enjoying it so much and I got sad when I saw that we had arrived at Gand-Saint-Pierres. He started to kiss me and we said goodbye to each other and our roads separated again. I got off at Gand-Saint-Pierres and he stayed on the train to Brussels.

Our time together makes me smile everytime I think about it. I think I’m falling for the guy. Even though at first, I wasn’t that into him before we got on the first date. And when I first saw him walking into our hotel room I wasn’t too excited either. I thought: “Okay, let’s get this over with so I can never see him again.” It wasn’t until I fainted, that we started to connect and I started to really like him. We’re doing this dating game backwards: first sex, then connect. :p
Never planned to fall for this guy, and now it is happening….
It feels good though, but I have to be careful that I won’t get played again just like the previous douchebag played me. Guys could be big liars and can be smoother than you think.
But I guess I’ll give another guy a chance and I will never learn from my mistakes.
Too curious to get to know him. But this time, I’ll go very slow. Also, because the previous douchebag isn’t out of my head yet. He is starting to fade away, but he’s still there. But the difference between Tinder guy and douchebag guy is that Tinder guy is more of a man than douchebag guy will ever be. And they’re both almost the same age. Tinder guy is 28 and douchebag/fuckboy guy is 27, but behaves like a 22 year-old guy that still needs to learn how to be a man. Sometimes I want to copy these 5 last sentences and sent it to douchebag guy to rub it into his face how much of a piece of shit he is. He already knows the name that I use for my blogs. So if he puts any effort into trying to find my blog out of curiosity, he would’ve read some posts. So I hope that motherfucker reads this too. But probably not. He probably doesn’t even bother looking me up, because his ego is too big. Typical politician behavior.

Date n° 3 coming soon.



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