The Tinder date that was too hot to handle, so I fainted.

About last night…

I met up with a guy I talked to on Tinder. We’ve been teasing each other for a while now with our dirty talks and dirty Snapchat sessions. So we decided to do something different and book a hotel room in Ghent. I arrived earlier than him, so I decided to check into the hotel first and then wait for him in our room with sexy lingerie. I was wearing a red bra, red lace underwear, black stockings and a red garter belt. I was a bit nervous because I’ve never done something like this before. Normally I would go for a drink first and then decide whether I’ll go home with him or not. But yesterday it was like “BOOM, sex!”.

After a few minutes, he finally arrived at our room and saw me laying there on the bed.
I loved the way he looked at me when he first saw me. He greeted me with a few kisses on my lips and said “you’re very sexy”.
I also saw that he brought his guitar, just like I asked him to do. I didn’t want to have sex right away so I asked him if he could teach me to play the guitar for a bit first. And there we were, playing the guitar on the bed. Him teaching a half naked girl to play the guitar. He handled it pretty well though. Until I stood up to grab something. I heard him saying “Waow” and when I turned around he was right in front of me. “You’re so sexy.”
We started to make out and we ended up in bed again. God, he was so good with his fingers! Musicians are God’s creatures!
I’m pretty sure our neighbors in the hotel have heard my loud moans. But I don’t really care :p. We cuddled for a while after the sex. He was so gentle and so sweet. “You smell really good and you’re skin is very soft”, he said while caressing my entire body.
And then his fingers slipped into my panties again and round two à la Bad Neighbors began again.

After that, we went to grab something to eat and decided to get a drink too at Korenmarkt. We talked for a while and he told me some really interesting stories about him. I normally hate Tinder dates because of the standard conversations. But this time, I was really interested in what he had to say. And then the conversation went to naughty again, so we got back to the hotel. It was a bit awkward on the tram though. Because he kept grabbing me and kissing me while there were a bunch of young people (probably around the same age like me) right in front of us. A few minutes and some butt grabs in public later, we finally made it to the hotel. I suggested to take a bath together. But the bath was really hot!
Once we were in, it felt amazing. I lied on top of him, then he lied on top of me and then I massaged his head a bit. After a few minutes, I started to feel nauseous and very hot and I also felt a bit weak. I ignored that feeling, because I didn’t want to spoil the fun, so I kept playing-with him in the bath tub.
Then I got up… Bad idea to get up quickly after a really hot bath. My vision started to get black and I had to sit down for a bit in the bath tub until the black vision was gone.
Then I remember standing up again and getting out of the bath tub and after that, I didn’t even feel it coming. Can’t even remember the moment I was falling. I was just suddenly in a dream.
I was “dreaming” about our entire day, like a replay from that day. But it was like a really fast replay. I woke up and saw that he was staring at me, with a worried/scared face. “You okay?”, he asked me with a voice full of panic, but he was not shouting. “You scared me!”.
At first, I didn’t even know what happened. It felt like waking up from a dream and I thought waking up with him staring at me like that was another dream in a dream. I was really confused. I thought “Wait, didn’t I just dream about you? Is this another dream with you? Who the fuck are you?!”. I didn’t say that out loud though.
And then he explained to me what happened and it finally became clear to me.
Thank god he didn’t got help though. Would’ve been awkward. We were both naked and wet in the bathroom and I was laying there on the ground.
Afterwards he led me to the bed, so I could lie down and he gave me a glass of water. So sweet! He even offered to give me another massage, because I’ve hurt my neck while falling. He was too late to catch me. Ugh, you had one job… Just kidding.
It was the first time I fainted. Instead of thinking “What?! I fainted?! OMG that’s so bad!”, I said “Yeah my first time! Nice!”. And then I made some jokes about death, how that could’ve been one of the nicest deaths you could get: lots of sex in one day, bathing together, fainting and then hitting my head fatally. I really didn’t notice I was out at all. Didn’t notice myself falling and hitting my elbow and shoulder while falling either. So a nice and not painful death! 😀 Too bad I woke up though. My neck was really hurting and my elbow still hurts. Let’s hope it’s not broken. Not planning to go the doctor.
After I joked about death, how I found that it was too bad that I woke up and how human life has no meaning anyway, he said: “Don’t say that. You’re amazing, you just don’t even know it yet. Don’t die yet.”
Again, that was so sweet. Funny how all the guys I’ve had casual sex with are all so sweet and treated me with lots of respect while that one guy I wanted something serious with, didn’t even treat me that way. Sometimes fuckbuddies are better than boyfriends! In my case, they’re always better than boyfriends! Because I’ve never had a boyfriend in my life. And I don’t plan to get one either. I enjoy this way of living.
I found all of this so funny, that I had to tell my best friend and another friend right away so I began texting like a basic bitch. I told him that I wanted to let a friend know what happened, in case something happened to me, that he doesn’t get the blame. Not that I believe that one text would have a lot of convincing power to the judges.
“Now you’ll never forget me after this”, I joked to him. And we were both laughing with it. “You must think I’m crazy, joking about death and joking about me fainting and handling it like this”, I said.  “No, it’s cool. I like crazy girls. And I would definitely want to see you again!”, he said. Then he laid his head on my lap and put some classical music on, because we both like classical music, and relaxed for a while. I laid my head on his shoulder and played with his chest hair a bit (so addicting!). “Feeling better?”, he asked me. “Yeah, don’t worry I’m a tough one”, I replied. “Yeah I just saw that”, he smiled and then he kissed me on my forehead and we went to sleep.

The morning after we were disturbed by a cleaning lady that opened the door without knocking. Thank god she didn’t really came into our room, because I was laying on the bed naked. She saw our stuff laying there on the ground and immediately shut the door again. It was really uncomfortable hearing her footsteps in the hallway. Felt like she could open the door at any moment again. But we were still laying there and cuddling. He slowly caressed my entire body while I could still hear the cleaning lady’s footsteps in the hallway, and then he started to finger me very intensely. And there she was again! Opening our door again! But I think it was another cleaning room lady, because I heard some other woman shouting to her that immediately made her shut the door again.
Next time I’ll think about putting the “Do not disturb”-sign on our door. Unless she wanted to join us ofcourse.
I was stressed out about those two ladies, so I decided to get up. Because I had an appointment with the psychologist at 11 AM anyways.

We walked each other to our destination and separated when we reached the Gent-Sint-Pieters railway station. We said goodbye and kissed each other on the cheek. And then I told the psychologist about this whole adventure. She feels like a friend which I’m paying for.

To be continued… Maybe…


4 thoughts on “The Tinder date that was too hot to handle, so I fainted.

  1. I love that you were so daring. I could never work up the courage to even wear lingerie let alone when first meeting someone. I love it! I’m curious if you guys have kept in contact.

    Liked by 1 person

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