Mini’s first time: part III. The part where he taught me things about life.

It was almost Christmas time, which also means study time here in Belgium if you’re in college. And like every other student, studying makes me crave for sex. One day I was trying to study but I couldn’t focus. I kept thinking about that moment I had in July. I remember him sacrificing his recovering time, because it was Gentse feesten back then and everyone knows that’s a huge party for 10 days long: partying until you see the morning light and then recovering the whole day so you can get back to it again. Most people don’t plan anything other than partying at Gentse feesten during this time of the year, but he did…
The things men do for sex… Well, now I can say I lost my virginity during Gentse feesten, but never actually went to Gentse feesten in 2015.

I decided to take a break from all that studying and wrote a naughty Christmas song about him/for him based on the song “Jingle bells”. It went like this:


After writing that song, I really couldn’t focus on my books anymore. I was getting really horny and I’ve realized that I didn’t get a round two. So I decided to collect that round two and  sent him a text with a naughty touch. I don’t know how to say this correctly in English, but let me just say this in Dutch so you guys can copy and paste it on Google translate and see a horrible and maybe hilarious translation of it: “Hey, alles nog kits achter de rits?” (and if Google translate fails: it’s something with your zipper, and guys have something hidden behind that zipper and you ask if everything’s okay behind that zipper). And then I continued my text with “Right at this moment, I’m studying but I really can’t focus because it makes me horny. Wanna play fireman and come and put down my fires? WIEOEWIEOEEEE PJ the fireman!“. He was at work, so I had to wait for his reply and I was really impatient because this bitch was on fire. A few hours later, I finally got a text back saying: “Hey, yes everything’s great behind my zipper :p And I do want to play fireman. So let me put down that fire for you ma’am! Wiejoewiejoeee hahaha“. I immediately went straight forward and asked when he was free. He said that he was free on Christmas and he added “It’s my birthday then… B-day fuck, I like“. I remember looking at my calendar and was disappointed: Christmas was a week away, did I really had to wait that long?
But great minds think alike apparently and a few minutes later he texted: “But we could meet up next Tuesday after work too” (3 days before Christmas), “then we can rehearse a little for my birthday 🙂” he added. I still had to wait a few days, but it was better than waiting for a whole week, so I agreed to meet up that Tuesday. After those texts, I began to focus on my books again so that time would go by faster.

It was finally Tuesday and I began to do my routine before sex: scrub myself, shaving, putting on some creme to get that soft baby skin and putting on perfume and make up. I didn’t study the whole day because that routine took the whole day. But it was so worth it! I also got the chance to put on some lingerie I’ve bought a few months ago, so I decided to put on the naughtiest one. After I was done, I went to his place. He greeted me with a kiss on the cheeks and I saw his mother standing there in the hallway and then I gave him a look. He looked back and said quietly: “Don’t worry“. My best friend had told me a lot about her already and I knew she was a really sweet person and I didn’t need to worry, but it was still awkward to meet a guy’s mom especially when you’re not serious or anything. But I greeted her and introduced myself. We quickly went upstairs and I heard the mother saying to PJ: “You know, she can sit downstairs with me too while you’re showering.” I looked at PJ with a look that said “Don’t you dare!”. And he replied to her “No need to.“.
He let me into his room and put on Family Guy for me and quickly jumped into the shower.
I sat there for a minute and then decided to strip my clothes off and waited for him on the bed with my lingerie. I was wearing a black push-up bra, black panties, a black garter belt and black stockings. So a whole black, naughty, sexy set. He came back into his room and saw me sitting on the bed and I smiled at him. He smiled and said “I was going to give you a massage at first but…” and then he came to the bed, sat next to me and started biting his lips while putting his hands on my lap and started to kiss me. Before I knew it, he was lying on top of me and started to lick me. I’ve really missed that feeling and I started to get really warm inside. And then he suddenly stops and commanded me to lay on my stomach. “What a booty“, he said and he slapped my booty like he was playing the drums with his hands (I did the same thing to him afterwards during break time). And he began to massage me. Oh my… I never thought I would enjoy a massage because I’m a really tense person, but he was really good! “If you continue like this, I’m going to fall asleep.“, I said. “I wouldn’t wake you up then“, he replied. After he was done, he lied down next to me and I thought: now is the moment to give my first blowjob. I’ve never done that before and I’ve done a lot of research on the Internet too and practiced with a banana a few days before I met up with him.
I crawled up to sit on top of him and he smiled as if he knew what was coming next. I kissed him slowly and bit in his ear and began to strip his pants off. And socks. “No socks while having sex, that’s hideous“, I said to him with a smiling face. I joke when I get nervous. I saw a huge, hard something through his underwear and it turned me on. I slowly stripped his underwear off too and it popped up. And I started licking it and uh.. well.. Let’s not get too detailed about this. You know how BJ’s happen. I just went on and did my own thing and actually enjoyed it. I thought it would be gross to do that, but it’s not. Or maybe it’s because he just came out of the shower. I heard his breathing became stronger and stronger and then he said “Did you practice?”. I laughed and continued with whatever I was doing. I liked that he enjoyed it, I liked pleasing him. I think he was the only guy whom I’ve done a BJ for while actually enjoying it. When I was done, I asked if he had a condom and he put it on and we had amazing sex. After we were done, we were laying next to each other and he opened his arm so that I could lay into his arms and we cuddled for a few minutes. He said that I could sleep over if I wanted, but I refused the offer. And then he started saying that he missed having a relationship. Note: he’s the type of guy that loves having sex and sex is just sex for him. When we first met, he also said that he wanted to be free and not want a relationship. And then he told me that he wanted one. He was saying that he was tired of sleeping with lots of different girls “But not you, I think it’s amazing with you“, he added quickly. And then continued saying that he started to miss those things you have in a relationship. I didn’t say anything and just listened to him. We stopped cuddling for a while and started talking about other things for a few minutes. Then it became quiet and I wanted a round two and wrapped my arm around him. He smiled and grabbed my arm to pull it closer to him and rotated his body towards me and started to kiss me. I saw him smiling while we were kissing. And round two began…

After we were done, I put my clothes back on again and we just sat there talking and he told me he had been working out. I remember the first time we kissed, I pinched his arm and looked at him like “is that it?”. And then, the second time I was with him, I’ve got the chance to feel his muscles again. And I remember him showing off and lifting weights in front of me and doing push ups. It was funny to watch, but it was also cute. After all that, it was time to go home and he did something I’ve never expected he would do anything like that: he walked me to the train station and waited with me until the train came (he “didn’t want me to get kidnapped“). And when the train arrived, he gave me a goodbye kiss and opened the door for me. I told this to my best friend (you know, the girlfriend of the brother of PJ) and she was surprised he did that too. And she knew him better than I did.

We met up again on Christmas day, PJ’s birthday. I went to his place with a bottle of red wine and Kidibul, because you can’t have a birthday without Kidibul! He offered me a drink and we went upstairs with our glasses and started talking again. I did feel a little weird after he told me that he missed a relationship and got tired of sleeping with all those girls he didn’t know. Soon after that, we had sex and I remember him saying it’s the best birthday present ever. But after that, we were kind of distant towards each other and I decided to go home. This time, he didn’t walk me to the train station, but I didn’t mind because it felt a little bit awkward that day. After that, we hadn’t talked to each other except for that one text to wish each other a happy new year with a lot of love, pleasure and sex.

2 weeks had passed and I found out that PJ had found a girlfriend. I was kind of sad about it, because he was my first and I’ve also lost a person who I could have casual sex and have a good talk with. But I’d decided to not start any drama about it. But I did miss him, I still do. A few weeks later after I’d found out, my friend told me that he had asked about how I was doing and he also said that I was a good one too, but I wasn’t confident enough. He ended up with a girl he met from Gentse feesten the year before.

This may seem sad at first but thinking back about it, I don’t feel sad. I’m happy I’ve met a guy like him. Without him, I would still be that girl with zero confidence and still think I’m not attractive enough. He taught me that you don’t need a fancy job or fancy stuff or anything to be happy. He’s a butcher and he loves his job. So shouldn’t doing what you love means living a successful life? Because I used to think that living a successful life means having a fancy job with a fancy paycheck and stuff. But lately, I’ve been having my doubts about it….
He’s wild and free and doesn’t care about anything, he just does his thing. He also has those beautiful, sparkling eyes. Eyes with passion. He’s different from all the guys I’ve met. He doesn’t care about social media and isn’t interested in having Facebook or any type of shit that lowers your confidence. He’s not a sheep in this society. He’s just so relaxed and he loves living and doesn’t care about things like career and all that corporate business stuff. Maybe I should expect less about life too and let it all come to me, but when opportunities come I should take it with open arms. And learn where to put my energy in. And ENJOY life more!

It’s funny that every person you meet in your life, taught you something. Some teach you good things, some teach you bad things, but you always learn from it. I have zero regrets about meeting PJ. I find his attitude so inspiring. Not caring about what ppl might think and just do you. I care too much. I need to stop.



7 thoughts on “Mini’s first time: part III. The part where he taught me things about life.

  1. Haha, this was all so funny to read since I knew all about it already 😀 But I have to say: still surprised by a couple things you wrote! 😀 I smiled a bunch during all 3 parts ^^

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Who knew he’d be able to make such an impact! Haha 😀 he sounds sooo different than I know him. So sweet and caring and emotional. I don’t know him like that! 😮


  3. Yeah I didn’t expect that either: that he would walk me to my train and then open the door for me :p
    I wonder what he would do if we ran in to each other :p
    If he still recognizes me


  4. And he asked you twice if you really wanted to go through with it! 😮 How sweet!
    And of course he would still recognize you ;p maybe we should go out in Ghent more, you could bump into him ;p haha


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